top 10 american tattoo artists

Aaron Cain – Tattooing since 1991, Aaron Cain has developed the biomechanical tattoo style like few others. 

Paul Booth – The name Paul Booth immediately brings images of death and mayhem to mind. 

Nick Baxter – Nick Baxter is well known for his gorgeous large scale color tattoos.

Ryan Dearringer – Ryan Dearringer is an award winning, custom tattoo artist at Sacred Ink, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Carson Hill – At just under 30 years old Carson Hill is a biomechanical master. 

Mike DeVries – A rather young addition to the ever competitive tattoo market, Mike DeVries has stood his ground as one of the top color tattooist in the country. 

Jesse Nesse – Specializing in cover up tattoos as well as world renowned custom color tattoos, Jessee Nesse has risen to not only the top tattooist in Nebraska, but to the rank of top tattooist in his field. 

Bob Tyrrell – Bob Tyrrell started tattooing at the tender age of 34, already a student of art, Tyrrell has risen to the top of the tattooing field with his insanely realistic black and grey portraits. 

Brandon Bond – Brandon Bond is one of the most successful, published, and award winning tattoo artists in the world.

Guy Aitchison – Guy Aitchison is at the top of the biomechanical tattoo field.  He has produced some of the best large color biomech tattoos I’ve ever seen.

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best tattoo hardwear

Boogstar Trillionaire Shader
by B. Fuentes and Charles Freeland
These machines are handmade from high iron steel and brazed with pure bronze. These machines have been developed with Boog over the last six months to produce a machine that represents his style of tattoo in function and form. (Prototype pictured) Boog liner is on its way – Estimated arrival September 2010 (around $500) 

Spine-O-Graph Liner by Charles Freeland
completely custom, one-off tattoo machine

Hand carved bronze side plate brazes to a modified Baltimore Street Irons tube vise. One inch, 8 wrap coils on an 1/8 inch iron yoke. Custom BSI brass binder and thumbscrew with copper contact. Innovative 3-post side-wheeler for two different clip cord positions. Hot pole in center with grounding poles on either side. BSI Buffalo nickel spring washer and BSI Indian head penny thumbscrew.  (around $450)

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Miami ink new series review.

so series 7 of miami ink is coming out soon in is still about the memorial tattoos and the husbands and wifes etc. and the stories about the tattoo artist are still the same though they have traviling tattoo artist or guest artist come in and have there own stories.

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Meeting of the Marked 2010 (Oct 29-31)

Dates: August 13th – 15th, 2010
Event: Seattle Tattoo Expo
Location: Seattle Center
Country: USA
Contact Information:
Notes: The 9th Annual Seattle Tattoo Expo is expanding and taking over the Seattle Center August 13th – 15th, 2010 with tattoos, music, art and more as part of a three-day exhibition and celebration of tattoo art and culture. A one-of-a-kind event, the expo features over 200 of the world’s most renowned tattoo artists and innovators who will be showcasing their talents through seminars, demonstrations and onsite tattooing for expo attendees.

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Similarities between the Two Reality TV Shows Is LA Ink just a carbon copy of Miami Ink? Do they have the same kind of business going on, just in different locations? LA Ink, being a spinoff of Miami Ink, does have similarities with its parent reality TV program in that it aims to demystify the idea of getting a tattoo and disproving whatever myths and misconceptions the public may have over tattoos. Just like with Miami Ink, viewers of LA Ink get to see Kat and her crew in action, taking in clients, discussing with them the tattoo designs they want and offering suggestions whenever improvements to the original design are needed, and then getting the actual tattoos done on their clients. 

It has been proven that LA Ink is a lot better than Miami Ink anyway. The ratings of LA Ink on its first season premier were the highest that the TLC channel got in all its history for a reality TV series. Also, on December of 2007, LA Ink was pitted against Miami Ink and the other spinoff London Ink as to which show is popular, has the best employees and has the best artwork. Which emerged as the winner? It was none other than LA Ink.

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Hello world!

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